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Jefferson Art Studio: New Exhibition of Painting and Ceramic Art.

Press Release: 6/21/2021

(Cincinnati, Ohio) - Eisele Gallery and the Jefferson Art Studio present a new exhibition of painting and ceramic art. Indianapolis based artist duo Megan and Corey Jefferson will present works in their respective mediums - painting and ceramics. In addition, collaborative works by Megan and Corey will be on view. These hand painted ceramic platters combine the talents of both artists. Join Megan and Corey Jefferson at the Eisele Gallery for an opening reception on Friday June 25th, from 5-8pm.

This special two-week exhibition will be open to the public at Eisele Gallery from Friday, June 25th-Thursday, July 8th, 2021. All works are available for purchase at the gallery; contact Eisele Gallery for pricing and more info.

Megan Jefferson is an Indianapolis painter and has been actively creating work ever since receiving her BFA from Miami University in 1998. She has exhibited extensively, regionally, and sells her work to designers and individual patrons. Megan’s work shifts in theme depending on the series. She loves to create pieces that have a focus on color-based abstraction.

This fascination and innate personal connection to color is present in both her past and present work. She describes the process of her work in this way: “I let the process define the artwork and describe my working process as a dance and conversation. I place down some color, and as certain areas and shapes evolve I will “answer” those happenings with additive or subtractive methods. This dance continues until each painting feels right. The result is thoughtful, intuitive, spontaneous and reflective.”

Megan focuses on landscapes as a theme for her work. The broad area of color inspires her as she creates moods, visually. Each painting captures a moment in time and space that speaks to both imaginative and real places.

Corey Jefferson holds a BFA from Miami University with a focus in both ceramics and printmaking and an MFA from the University of Cincinnati with a focus in ceramic sculpting. He is currently a Ceramics Instructor at the Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis University Purdue University, at Indianapolis (IUPUI). He has shown work extensively, locally, regionally and nationally. In 2015, Corey was a recipient of the Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship. His work is primarily made up of found objects, metal and ceramic. Recent bodies of work include African-inspired sculpture and “Urban Fossils.”

​Corey currently focuses on creating abstracted boat sculptures. He was born in Delaware and grew up in Delaware, New York and Maryland. Being close to the coast influenced him in many ways. Seeing the vast landscape, hearing the ocean, seeing boats and collecting driftwood were things that shaped his aesthetic sensibility and gave him a sense of wonder about our connection with sea and self.

The boat – its form, its design, its role in humanity – influences his art. In books, in poems, in film, the boat is a vessel for physical, mental and spiritual travel. Being an avid kayaker on the White River, Corey marvels how easy it is to be at one with nature. Nature gives us everything we need and asks so little from us but to be respected and taken care of. His current body of work addresses this concept.

Eisele Gallery features a large selection of traditional and contemporary paintings, prints and sculpture. For nearly three decades, the gallery has developed and maintained strong relationships with individuals, collectors, museums and artists nationwide to provide access and resources that benefit clients with acquisitions, as well as the sale of fine art. Eisele Gallery’s renowned exhibition program fosters excellence within artistic practice, while promoting both emerging and established nationally and internationally recognized artists.

Eisele Gallery

Website: Phone: (513) 791-7717


New Location: 6936 Madisonville Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227

(Located off Wooster Pike/Rt.50 in the Village of Mariemont)

Admission: Eisele Gallery is free and open to the public

Parking: Free parking in lot located behind gallery


(513) 791-7717


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