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November 17, 2017 -  February 3, 2018
Current Exhibition

Stele (there is no us), 2017, 76 ½“h x 14 ½” w x 14”d, Cast bronze with Spanish Moss patina, $45,000

Jarrett Hawkins: Consider Yourself Lucky 2017 39 ¼”h x 11”w x 12”d Cast Bronze, Spanish Moss & Ferric Nitrate patina $15,500

Jarrett Hawkins: Slip 2017 38 ½” h x 8 ½”w x 9 ¼“d Cast bronze, Cherokee Red patina $14,500

Jarrett Hawkins: Linear 5 Section 2 2017 26”h x 21”w x 9 ½”d Cast bronze, Dutch Blue patina $9,500

Jarrett Hawkins: Slide 2017 50 5/8”h x 16”w x 12”d Cast bronze, Idaho Granite patina $32,000

Jarrett Hawkins: Koan II 49”h x 13 ½”w x 11 ½”d 2017 Cast bronze, Silver Nitrate patina $30,000

Jarrett Hawkins: Achilles Minor 21 ¾”h x 6”w x 5 ¾”d 2009 Cast bronze, Ferric Nitrate patina $5600

Jarrett Hawkins: Linear 1 Section 2 2009 17 ½” x 12 ½”w x 8 ¾”d Cast aluminum, Blue Lacquer finish $3200

Jarrett Hawkins: Gongshi, 57” x 18” x 12”, cast bronze. Private Collection.

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Jarrett Hawkins: Edgewise

On View: November 17th, 2017 – January 6th, 2018

Extended through February 3rd, 2018

Marta Hewett Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new sculptures by Jarrett Hawkins. Theses large-scale sculptures are created in the artist’s signature materials of cast bronze and carved stone. 


Jarrett Hawkins’ new sculptures examine processes of change in nature. The weathering processes of erosion and deposition and the forms and patterns these processes create are of particular interest to the artist. The sculptures reference geologic formations of dramatic landscapes of Antelope Canyon in Arizona or Brice Canyon in Utah. Hawkins’ forms allude to erosion by wind and water. The physical opposition of stone (geologic) and plant (biologic) forms are specific inspirations for this work.

The visual mechanics of how we perceive figure-ground and how it informs our understanding of our surroundings is a fundamental aspect in the artist’s practice. Embodied as precious object, the work is a personal exploration of visual and spatial perception. Hawkins’ vocabulary of forms offers multiple associations. Many of the pieces are architectonic or totemic; referencing our ability to make incredible physical structures. Though emphatically non-representational, many viewers find figurative references in his work. These varied associations coupled with the high level of craftsmanship and a meditative presence, encourage careful contemplation.




Jarrett K Hawkins (b. 1949) began his sculpting career in the 1970s after attending Miami University. He later pursued other interests, including becoming a master cabinet maker, and working in historic renovation. Hawkins returned to sculpture in the late 1980s and during his 40-year career has been commissioned for numerous public works. Recent commissions include: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, The International Lineman Museum, Franklin University, and Kent State University. In 2008 Hawkins was awarded a residency at the I-Park Foundation in East Haddam, CT. Jarrett and his partner, sculptor Celine Hawkins, own and operate Hawkins & Hawkins Custom, a full production studio where together they have produced high quality art and design for over 23 yrs.


Hawkins’ sculptures have been exhibited in New York, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, and throughout Ohio. In addition his works have been purchased for numerous public, private and corporate collections including: Bridge Media Worldwide, Cincinnati, OH; City of Cincinnati, OH; City of Deer Park, OH; City of Hamilton, OH; Fidelity Investments, Covington, KY; Hamilton High School, Hamilton, OH; I-Park, East Haddam, CT; Kent State University, Kent, OH; Mason High School, Mason, OH; Miami University, Oxford, OH; Middletown Fine Arts Center, Middletown, OH and the World Food Prize Foundation, Des Moines, IA. This is the artist’s first solo show at Marta Hewett Gallery.

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