Julian Wasser: In the Limelight

Exhibition on view: October 10th - November 14th, 2020

For the 2020 Fotofocus biennial Eisele Gallery presents an exhibition of photographs by Julian Wasser. Limelight was invented in the 1820's and its earliest use dates back to 1836. An important innovation in performance and theatrical lighting, super heated quicklime produced the iconic spot light used to aluminate solo performers. The term "in the limelight" is still synonymous today for icons and celebrities in the public eye. The high quality lighting makes it possible for current day videography and photography. Julian Wasser photographed political and entreatment personalities for numerous well known publications. This exhibition hi-lights the images that depicted fame and celebrity throughout the Hollywood golden age of the 1960's and 70's.

Andy Warhol & Dennis Hopper at the Marcel Duchamp Retrospective

Ed. 1/15

Silver Gelatin Print

6" x 20"

Framed Dimensions: 20" x 25.5"

Julian Wasser started his career in photography in the Washington DC bureau of the Associated Press. While at Associated Press he met Weegee and rode with the famous news photographer as he shot photos of crime scenes in Washington. Weegee was a major influence on Wasser’s style of photography. After serving in the Navy in San Diego the former AP copyboy became a contract photographer for Time Magazine in Los Angeles doing assignments for Time, Life, and Fortune. His photographs have appeared in and been used as covers of Time, Newsweek, and People magazines in the United States.

He has photographed cover assignments for The Sunday Telegraph, and The Sunday Times color supplements in London. His photos have appeared in US Magazine, Vanity Fair, TV Guide, Paris Match, Der Spiegel, Oggi, Hello, Playboy, Elle, Vogue, and GQ and in exhibitions in galleries and museums.

Beatles press conference on London after they recived the OBE from Queen Elizabeth at Buckigham Palace 26 October 1965.

This Exhibition is sponsored & produced in conjunction with the FOTOFOCUS 2020 Biennial. View the exhibition online here.


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