Claudio Malacarne

b. 1956 Mantua, Italy

Selected Works

Claudio Malacarne was born in Mantua, a city surrounded by lakes in northern Italy. Over the years he attended the studio of the master Enrico Longfils. Malacarne ranks among the most prolific colorists of our time. His major works and small compositions immediately attract attention for their radical use of color, fueled by a continuous rhythmic play of colors. His full-bodied strokes, stretched out on the canvas with broad gestural action, show a vigorous painting and highly communicative style, bringing the viewer a strong emotional impact. Very often they represent sunny and colorful landscapes, inspired by the Mediterranean. 

After discovering the Spanish realism of Joaquín Sorolla, with his inquiring eye and his Fauve color, Malacarne has in the last decade become the artist of "bathers and swimmers." In these paintings one perceives the influence of Matisse, but also the charm and wonder of Rimbaud and Valéry. Since 1986 Claudio Malacarne has exhibited throughout Europe. He has participated in many international exhibitions including Art Fair Innsbruck, Artinvest Rivoli , Gent Belgium Art Exhibition , EuropART in Geneva, various editions of  Arte Fiera and miart .