Recent Acquisitions
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Leslie Shiels

Cincinnati Landscape LS

Beverly Erschell

Cityscape BE

Robert S. Duncanson

Encampment, Three Men and a Dog

Joseph Henry Sharp

Flowers in a Vase

Cynthia Kelly Overall

Homeward III

Ernst Lawson

Landscape EL

Cynthia Kelly Overall

Muckross Farm II

Jean Picart

Still Life with Flowers JP

Richard Hayley Lever

Tall Stacks RHL

Francis F. Dodge

Bend in the River FD

Edward A. Portielje

Best Friends EP

Paul Chidlaw

Boats on the Beach

John Ward Dunsmore

By the Fireplace

William Verplank Birney

Days End WB

Ken Ozier

Early Morning KO

Harry Roseland

Good Fortune

F.J. Eggington

Landscape with Cattle

Charles A. Meurer

Letter to the Queen City


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