Recent Acquisitions
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Henri Joseph Harpignies

Near the Loing River

Victor Casenelli

Beech Grove

Kirk Larsen

Blooming Fields II

Kirk Larsen

Blooming Fields I

Kirk Larsen

LA Dunton

Kirk Larsen

The Return

John Stobart

Venice, On the Schiavoni

Mark Warren

Whitney Museum

Artist Unknown

Victorian Baby Rattles

Robert Fabe

Neighborhood With Children

Harry Shokler

Harbor Series 2

John E. Weis

Sailboat in Harbor

P.M. Hendriks

Cows By The River

Kirk Larsen

The Sailing (Green)

B. Davis

Cows Crossing River in Mountain Landscape

Kirk Larsen

None Such Farm/Cows Come Home

Kirk Larsen

The Sailing (Red)

Cindy Nixon

Soybeans and Beyond


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