Recent Acquisitions
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Richard Luschek

Mt. Adams Summer Morning

Lynn Wade

Squadron at Ease

Robert G. Hagberg

Autumn Burst RH

Jack Meanwell

Canyon Shapes

Robert G. Hagberg


Joseph Orr

Moment at Oak Creek

Robert G. Hagberg

Roll with It

Joseph Orr

The Wayfarers

Robert G. Hagberg

Three of a Kind

William A. Suys

Dawn Departure

William A. Suys

Lee to Port

Hugh Mesibov

Untitled HM

Leslie Shiels

Cincinnati Landscape LS

Beverly Erschell

Cityscape BE

Robert S. Duncanson

Encampment, Three Men and a Dog

Joseph Henry Sharp

Flowers in a Vase

Cynthia Kelly Overall

Homeward III

Ernst Lawson

Landscape EL


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