Recent Acquisitions
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Thomas Dingle

Mother and Daughter by a Creek

D. Falconor

The Lake District

Barbara Schilling

Apricot Daylilies

Barbara Schilling

Butterfly Bouquet

Barbara Schilling

Trumpets and Hummers

Charles Salis Kaelin

Autumn Landscape, Woods North Shore

Charles Salis Kaelin

Cherry Trees in Bloom

Paul Chidlaw

A Taste of Honey

Paul Chidlaw

Who Lights the Morning Sun

Paul Chidlaw

The Fickle Hand of Fate

Marc Chatov

Grape Picker

Frank McElwain

View from the Top

John Rettig

The Green Interior

Anthony Thieme

Venice Cityscape

Allen Rodgers

Along the River

Barbara Schilling

Big Yellow

Dee Beard Dean

Carmelite Monastery

Gail Morrison

Delft Floral


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