John Stobart & John A. Ruthven

Eisele Gallery of Fine Art

John Stobart and John A. Ruthven Exhibition at Eisele Gallery of Fine Art

This November Eisele Gallery will bring together two of Cincinnati's favorite and most collected living artists; John Stobart and John Ruthven. This small exhibition will highlight new work by both painters including the famous, very first painting John Stobart ever composed of Cincinnati. John Ruthven will be exhibiting three new wildlife paintings. All of the new paintings, select prints and books will be available for purchase. A celebratory reception will be held on November 9th, from 5pm-8pm with John Ruthven in attendance to visit and sign books. The paintings will be on view through the end of November.

The name John Stobart is pre-eminent in the world of maritime art. Born in 1929 in Leicester, England, he showed an early aptitude for creativity. His Father recognized his son's talent for art and enrolled him in Derby College of Art in 1946. In this new environment he achieved high honors and a county scholarship to London's prestigious Royal Academy.

Stobart emigrated to Canada in 1957, where his paintings sold well to the various shipping companies on the Saint Lawrence River. In 1965 he made his first visit to the United States, hoping to impress some New York art galleries, and was offered a show at the Kennedy Galleries. The Wunderlich family, who owned the gallery, encouraged him to further develop his ideas for painting historic maritime scenes. With his original paintings becoming increasingly popular with private collectors, Stobart also began to publish prints of his work. In 1989 he established the Stobart Foundation, to encourage traditional artists through scholarships.

After serving in World War II, John Ruthven entered the Cincinnati Art Academy. He opened a commercial art studio in 1946 with the goal of building a career in wildlife art. In 1960 he entered the Federal Duck Stamp competition and won with his Redhead Ducks.

Ruthven's wildlife paintings are on display at many museums including the Smithsonian Institution, and his work was featured in a 1994 retrospective at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History. He designed two pigs for Cincinnati's Big Pig Gig in 2000. Other artwork includes a Passenger pigeon mural on the wall of a six-story building in Cincinnati which can be seen in the 2014 documentary From Billions to None by David Mrazek and Joel Greenberg. The mural is located at 15 8th Street. in 2004 Ruthven was awarded the National Medal of Arts.

Unveilings of original paintings have taken place at The White House; the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia; the President`s Palace in the Philippines, for Crown Prince Henri in Luxemborg, at the Neil Armstrong Space Museum, and the Ohio State Capital Rotunda.

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