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Frank McElwain

Lilies and Bluegills

Frank McElwain

Lotus and Goldfish

Frank McElwain

Passing Shower

Frank McElwain

South Vine

Frank McElwain

Tavern Lights

Frank McElwain

Two Men FM

Joshua Meador

Point of View

Lewis Henry Meakin

Mountain Mist

Lewis Henry Meakin

View of Sailboats and Coast

Charles Miner

Frog Knot

Jeff Morrow

Reds Winning Reflections

Henry Mosler

Portrait of A Gentleman 1

Aurora D. Sand Padilla

The Spanish Vase

Marguerite Pearson


Roy Petley

Keeping Watch on the Beach

Aymar Pezant

Peace and Plenty in Pasture

Camille Pissarro

Woman at the Gate

J. Raine

Inland storm



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