John Stobart

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New York Foot of South Street in 1876 #478/750

New York Henry B. Hyde #716/750

New York, The Abner Coburn Leaving East River For San Francisco Framed print AP 1/25

Paris Notre Dame Unframed Print #11/250

Philadelphia Moonlight over the Delaware 1835 Print 175/950

Savannah in 1870 #216/600

Seattle A View from Yeslers Wharf #AP16

Seattle, A View Looking North from Yester's Wharf Framed print AP 20/25

Seattle, A View Looking North From Yester's Wharf Unframed AP 16/25

Somesville, A View of Mount Desert From Somas Cove Frames print AP 7/25

St. Louis Gateway to the West #698/750 with Remarque

The Black Ball Packets from Schermerhorn Row in 1865

The Statue of Liberty Print #224/950

Tierra del Feugo #222/650

Venice Moonlight Over the Grand Canal 1870 #475/850

Venice, On the Schiavoni


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